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In Geoserver i create parametric view:

FROM MyTable
LEFT JOIN Track On MyTable.SegmentID=Track.SegmentID
WHERE (DATEPART(yy, MyTable.Date)=%year%
AND DATEPART(mm, MyTable.Date)=%month%
AND DATEPART(dd, MyTable.Date)=%day%)

i set default values 2009-09-18

Now i go in layer preview pick my layer and see layer with features with Date=2009-09-18.
Now i want to see features with another date. In address line i add:


But still see same features. I try another dates but not help.
Whats wrong?

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is that %mounth% correct? or just a typo here? – iant Apr 25 '13 at 10:49
Yeah %month% of course. Just a typo. – Kliver Max Apr 26 '13 at 3:54
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I dont know what heppens with my view but i delete all parameters except one and try it. And use viewparams parameter in Layer Preview i get features. After i add another parameters in view and my final view:

FROM myTable
LEFT JOIN Track ON Segment_ID.Segment_ID=Track.Segment_ID
where (DATEPART(yy, myTable.Date) = %year%
AND DATEPART(mm, myTable.Date) = %mounth%
AND DATEPART(dd, myTable.Date) = %day%
AND DATEPART(hh, myTable.Date) = %hour%)

And Layer Preview address look like:


I think my problem was with Bouding Box. It was too small.

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