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I have a XYZ layer(i hope i call it right) in GeoExt/gxp application:

,{source: "ol",group: "background",fixed: true,type: "OpenLayers.Layer.XYZ",args:   
["ЕЭКО","$\{z\}/$\{y\}/$\{x\}",{visibility: true}]}

In MapFish documentation says that print plugin can print TMS and Tile Cache. But its print only WMS layers. I gonna set url to XYZ layer or something?


I found working XYZ print in here But There is something strange with layer which set to print.


More interesting that GeoExt.PrintProvider not send XYZ layer to print plugin. But if i give to it gwc layer i can see gwc layer to post parameters: enter image description here

But this layer not print.

Why PrintProvider not send XYZ layer in post parameters?

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