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Using Leaflet, how can I reset a polyline to it's previous color after it was selected? I have the following function that has been applied to each polyline when constructed:

function onEachFeature(feature, layer) {

        mouseover: highlightFeature,
        mouseout: resetHighlight    

When the polyline is selected I use the following approach to color it:

function highlightFeature(e) {
    var layer = e.target;

        weight: 12,
        color: 'gray',
        dashArray: '',
        fillOpacity: 0.7

    if (!L.Browser.ie && !L.Browser.opera) {

And to remove the highlighting, I want to reset it to it's previous color (this is where I have a problem)

function resetHighlight(e) {
    var layer = e.target;

    // my leaflet map object is called l_map


Is there is a simple way to remove the selection/color change from a polyline?

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