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I'm having issues getting my Esri.FileGDBAPI.DLL to work. I have the other two files, FileGDBAPI.dll, FileGDBAPID.dll in my bin folder. I can only add the Esri dll to my references, the other two I get an error saying that they can't be added because they either aren't accessible, not COM components or valid assemblies.

This is the error I get when running it:

A procedure imported by 'Esri.FileGDBAPI.DLL' could not be loaded.

By the way, I also have the FileGDB_DotNet.dll file in my Windows/system directory and I'm using .Net4.0. Thanks!

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What version of ArcGIS are you using? – artwork21 May 2 '13 at 13:32
Are the FileGDBAPI.dll and FileGDBAPID.dll in your path? You may be able put them in the same folder as the Esri.FileGDBAPI.DLL. I'm not sure though. – travis May 3 '13 at 21:43
I added the directory where they are located to the path, but no go. I'm not sure what version at the moment.. it's an inherited project that doesn't work.. – knownasilya May 4 '13 at 14:17

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