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I've been using the following NYC building perimeter shapefile from the DOTT for some work. This file however dates back to 2010. Is there a newer one available, and if so where?

I have found this building footprints FileGDB that seems to be 2012 but was unable to convert it to a shapefile using OGR as discussed here (yes, I have FileGDB support for OGR): How to migrate GDB data into PostGIS without ESRI apps?

The error I received was:

Open GDB File failed This release of the GeoDatabase is either invalid or out of date

which leads me to think the FileGDB I have is v9.x

Ultimately, I just want newer NYC building perimeters in my PostGIS database. Any advice on how to correctly convert the mentioned FileGDB to a shapefile or get a new NYC building perimeter shapefile from DOTT would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for any help in advance.


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