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Not 100% sure if this is the correct place to ask my question so I apologise if it isn't. Also, I have very limited experience with GIS systems, so please pardon my ignorance if some of my terminology is wrong, or if my question is actually very trivial.

I am writing an iOS application which will show a number of places on a map. At my back end, I store the 'places' in the format:

Placename - string
Lat - decimal
Lon - decimal

I determine the current viewable area of the map (on the device) using the following Objective-C code:

MKMapRect mRect = self.mapView.visibleMapRect;
MKMapPoint neMapPoint = MKMapPointMake(MKMapRectGetMaxX(mRect), mRect.origin.y);
MKMapPoint swMapPoint = MKMapPointMake(mRect.origin.x, MKMapRectGetMaxY(mRect));
MKMapPoint nwMapPoint = MKMapPointMake(swMapPoint.x, neMapPoint.y);
MKMapPoint seMapPoint = MKMapPointMake(neMapPoint.x, swMapPoint.y);
CLLocationCoordinate2D neCoord = MKCoordinateForMapPoint(neMapPoint);
CLLocationCoordinate2D swCoord = MKCoordinateForMapPoint(swMapPoint);
CLLocationCoordinate2D nwCoord = MKCoordinateForMapPoint(nwMapPoint);
CLLocationCoordinate2D seCoord = MKCoordinateForMapPoint(seMapPoint);
NSLog(@"NW: %f, %f", nwCoord.latitude,nwCoord.longitude);
NSLog(@"NE: %f, %f", neCoord.latitude,neCoord.longitude);
NSLog(@"SE: %f, %f", seCoord.latitude,seCoord.longitude);
NSLog(@"SW: %f, %f", swCoord.latitude,swCoord.longitude);

This will give me an output of:

NW: 54.558793, -1.268541
NE: 54.558793, -1.254808
SW: 54.549659, -1.268541
SE: 54.549659, -1.254808

Its actually a box around my local bar :)

I want to pass the box coordinates to my backend system, which will return me information on any 'places' within the box.

What I require help with is the math to determine if a 'place' actually falls within the bounds of the box.

If anyone could give me an example of the math required, I would be very grateful.

Kind Regards

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Do you need something more complicated than min_lon_BB <= place_lon <= max_lon_BB and min_lat_BB <= place_lat <= max_lat_BB, where BB stands for Bounding Box? – SS_Rebelious May 4 '13 at 15:34
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As is typical after asking my question, I think I found a solution.

Based on the NW and SW point, the following pseudo code, will return me items within the bounding box.

Lat <= NW.LAT 
Lat >= SW.LAT
Long <= NE.LON 
Long >= SW.LON
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