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Please see the attached layer. I have used following code in the OnMouseDown event. my objective is to select the X_coor , and Y_coor field from the layer based on the arg.X and arg.y.

However when i run this code than on a single click there are several values of the X_coor and Y-coor. I observed that the values of x_coor and y_coor fields in the associated attribute table of the layer is differ by in fifth or sixth significant digit.

Actually this is my Time enabled data and I want to access it time in second corresponding to X-coor and Y-coor when the mouse is clicked. Any help........

IMxApplication pMxApp = null;
pMxApp = (IMxApplication)ArcMap.Application;
IMxDocument pMxDoc = null;
//pMxDoc = ArcMap.Document;
if (pMxDoc.SelectedLayer == null)
MessageBox.Show("There is no layer selected. First select a time-aware layer.");
IMap pMap = pMxDoc.FocusMap;
IIdentify idft = null;
//mycode for enevelop
int Tolerance = 10;
Tolerance = pMxDoc.SearchTolerancePixels;
IPoint mypt = pMxDoc.CurrentLocation;
int X = arg.X;
int Y = arg.Y;
IDisplayTransformation pDispTrans = null;
pDispTrans = pMxApp.Display.DisplayTransformation;
tagRECT pToleranceRect = new tagRECT();
pToleranceRect.left = X - Tolerance;
pToleranceRect.right = X + Tolerance;
pToleranceRect.top = Y - Tolerance;
pToleranceRect.bottom = Y + Tolerance;

IEnvelope pSearchEnvelope = null;
pSearchEnvelope = new EnvelopeClass();
pDispTrans.TransformRect(pSearchEnvelope, ref pToleranceRect, (int)(esriDisplayTransformationEnum.esriTransformPosition | esriDisplayTransformationEnum.esriTransformToMap));

// identify feature points of measurement

pSearchEnvelope.SpatialReference = pMxDoc.ActiveView.FocusMap.SpatialReference;

idft = (IIdentify)pMap.get_Layer(0);

IArray pidarray = null;
IArray pidarray2 = null;
pidarray = idft.Identify(pSearchEnvelope);
if (pidarray != null)

MessageBox.Show("totL FOUND from currentloaction method" + pidarray.Count);
IIdentifyObj myobj = (IIdentifyObj)pidarray.get_Element(0);
IRowIdentifyObject rowobj = (IRowIdentifyObject)myobj;
MessageBox.Show("downrowobjfld0" + ":" + rowobj.Row.get_Value(0).ToString() + ":" + "rowobjfld2" + rowobj.Row.get_Value(2).ToString() + ":fld3: " + rowobj.Row.get_Value(3).ToString());

MessageBox.Show("pidarray null")
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