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I am trying to use the model builder for the RUSLE Model. Well this is how the model looks like:enter image description here

So in the raster calculator I have a formula which also involves the rasters generated in the model. This is error which I get .Could anyone tell me what could be going wrong.

enter image description here

The formula which I am using in the first raster calculator block is :

Power( ["%FlowAcc_Flow%"] * 10 / 22.1, 0.4) * Power(Sin [" %Slope_Fill%" ] / 0.09, 1.4) * 1.4

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Can you copy+paste the Error into your question. It's difficult to read. – Michael Markieta May 6 '13 at 0:58
Power( ["%FlowAcc_Flow%"] * 10 / 22.1, 0.4) * Power(Sin [" %Slope_Fill%" ] / 0.09, 1.4) * 1.4 – SNT May 6 '13 at 0:59
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Raster Calculator syntax is tricky.

Using parentheses to separate operators often resolves issues. And I believe the brackets are unnecessary. Can you try the following?

(Power((("%FlowAcc_Flow%" * 10) / 22.1), 0.4)) * (Power((Sin("%Slope_Fill%" / 0.09), 1.4) * 1.4)

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