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I have a shapefile points layer, with each point representing either Marginal, suboptimal, or optimal conditions. I want to find only the marginal points within a specific polygon from my catchments polygon layer. So far I have been able to select all marginal points, or the wanted polygon, but not the marginal points WITHIN the specified polygon. Is this possible? Thank you.

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1) Select your polygon of interest - you can do this manually or with one of the selection tools.

2) Select your 'marginal' points using the Select By Attributes tool with the Method drop-down set to 'Add to current selection'.

You will now have a selected polygon in one layer and selected points in another layer.

3) Use the Select By Location tool to select all 'marginal' points within your selected polygon by checking the 'Use selected features' checkbox.

This will produce a selection of only those point features specified as being 'marginal' within your polygon of interest.

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  • Select by attributes for Marginal
  • select polygons of interest
  • select by location
    • make sure the selection method is select from currently selected features
    • choose your points in the target layer and your polygon layer in the source layer
    • make sure the Use selected features box is checked
    • selection method is target layer is completely within the source layer
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This method won't select the points based on a specified polygon - it will only output the 'marginal' points for all polygons. – Radar May 6 '13 at 20:01
thanks for catching that - i edited it to account for this. – Hotpepper May 6 '13 at 22:55

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