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I have published an Image service with ArcGIS Server 10, containing the results of an interpolation operation. The Image which is returned from the service is in greyscale.

I wish to render it with a stretched color ramp, with the following properties: enter image description here

The RestEnd Point API, mentions that a rasterFunctions Parameter has to be given as a renderingRule, for the Export Image Operation. The given samples for the rasterFunctions are very limited, And I haven't been able to create a rasterFunctions which causes any noticeable change in the exported output.

Where can I find more details about rasterFunctions? Or build the rasterFunctions Object to get the same result as shown in the window?

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I would consider ENVI/IDL or Erdas Imagine for raster processing. They have better raster processing libraries. Alternatively, I'd consider using C programming language since it handles raster files very well. It requires using malloc and understanding BIL, BIP, and BSQ. ArcGis is going to be limited in its handling of raster binaries. That being said, once you process your raster files, you could easily bring them into ArcGis to integrate in your models.

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I don't see how this answers my question about publishing rater data via ImageServices – Devdatta Tengshe Nov 25 '15 at 4:48

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