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I've been asked by a customer if I can "lock" the metadata in their various geodatasets. I immediately asked why, and was told that they don't want other organizations/users editing/deleting certain tags.

A quick search hasn't really turned anything up. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions on how I could accomplish this?

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An administrator can make the .xml files read-only with Stand-alone metadata XML files… – Mapperz May 13 '13 at 17:44
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Metadata is a dynamic thing. "Locking" it probably wouldn't be wise, even if you could. For example, what if they reproject your dataset? The metadata will be incorrect if it were "locked".

My suggestion: publish the metadata separately in a clearinghouse and distribute your dataset with links permanent URL to the to "authoritative" metadata. The link could be stored both in the metadata and in a accompanying readme.txt file to ensure users are aware of its existence.

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