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I just want your help to summarize areas in two levels; firs level is in a field (Municipalities) and in other field I have Has and finally a third field "values" that came from a raster, the values represents only four values (1-4). I want to know the percent of every of this 4 values for each municipalitie, how do I do that in Qgis? I am using Qgis 1.8 and I have everything in a shapefile.... Thanks for your help!

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mhm, can't really visualize what it is about. So, the hole thing is a shape file with three fields, right? What is that in your second field, and is it important at all?. Is it a kind of grid or what? Would be nice to see a screenshot and some example values for better understanding. –  Bernd V. May 13 '13 at 21:20
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