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When I create a web app using the template it points to cos-t420:8399/arcgisoutput but I need it to be
How can it be done? am using the java version.

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Hi Adrian and Welcome to GIS-SE.

I have not tested this and dont have a v10 Java edition handy. However, I believe the following should work, but please try it on a development environment first.

The first thing I would check before implementing the below, is that you cannot change the arcgisserver cache folder through the Manager GUI or ArcCatalog server properties.

If you cannot find a way to do it via ArcCatalog/Manager, try the following:

  1. Stop the SOM.

  2. Open the Server.dat file

  3. Look for the ServerDirectories tag and make the following change:

enter image description here

4, Start SOM

Further Reference
Source is from v10 Help.
Diagnostics error for arcgisserver folders for Linux/Solaris

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