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I am trying to upload a polygon shapefile to a Garmin 60CSx unit. The polygon shapefile is a small area containing polygons of vegetation types. There are are 53 polygons (records) in the shapefile. I am using DNRGPS v6.0.0.15

Only one of the 53 my polygons I have uploaded appears in the GPS unit. I do not know why

This is what i have done

  1. Open DNRGPS and connect to Garmin.
  2. Go to File-->Load From-->File... Locate Polygon Shapefile.
  3. When I choose the shapefile, the 'Select TIDENT Field' dialogue prompts and I choose a field called 'SITE'. The SITE field has the same value for all 53 records ('Forest Stand 101').
  4. Now the polygons are in a table under 'Tracks'. There's 2150 Tracks. I choose Tracks-->Upload. The 'Upload To' dialogue prompts and I choose 'Named tracks'
  5. GPS beeps and I have a successful upload.
  6. I open GPS, go to the 'Tracks' menu and see my new track 'Forest Stand 101'. I open that track and choose the 'Map' button to view my polygons in the map.
  7. This is where I notice only one of the 53 polygons is displaying. How to I get all polygons to display?
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Thanks Mapperz. – Mike May 30 '13 at 17:51

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