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I'm working with on a DEM (Geotiff) in Python GDAL, and I'd like to find out the spikes or pits in my terrain.
I have no idea how to proceed, does anyone have good algorithm to help me out?

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define 'spikes' and 'pits', and you'll find where to begin. – nickves May 15 '13 at 10:11

GDAL doesn't have a ready-made utility for this that I know of. You would probably have to script something.

However, for filling sinks, GRASS has the r.fill.dir and r.terraflow functions. SAGA and some other FOSS raster GIS packages also have sink filling functions too.

Spikes pose a different problem and you'll need to consider a median filter and/or Gausian blur. See this thread for more discussion on spikes.

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