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Is there a simple way to render OSM data (let's start with just streets and names for a single metro area) client side as nodes and edges like the new iD editor?

I'm comfortable with d3 but am having trouble seeing exactly how they're pulling it off.

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Are you thinking of or or do you want to render locally on your own server? – Mapperz May 15 '13 at 13:38

The Id editor is basically calling the OpenStreetMap API, and requesting the data in osm's xml format.

It basically makes a request like:,ymin,xmax,yamx

Once the data is received by the client, it is rendered using the connection.loadTiles function in id.js. The deployment code is hard to read, but you should have a look at the source code, available here:

Using Firebug, and the Javascript debugger, it is pretty easy to figure out what is happening.

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