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I used the Feature Class to Polygon tool in ArcMap 10.0 to create a polygon from a polyline shapefile and some polygon boundaries (polylines) are disappearing in the process. The polyline shapefile was created from multiple imported CAD dxf files digitized from maps (by way of Inkscape and GSView) which were seamed together using the Spatial Adjustment tool mostly. Here is a picture:


Naturally, I assumed that some nodes were not snapped during the digitizing process and tried all the standard fixes: 1) created a Topology and used the Error Identifier to snap all remaining dangles as well as simplify any duplicate lines, and then 2) used the Check Geometry function in Database Management (no errors came up), and when this didn’t fix it I 3) went through the Attribute Table in the polyline shapefile itself to find any discrepancies common to the missing lines (there weren’t any).

I think that the problem is somewhere in the polyline shapefile itself, as I observed that only part of the continuous polylines are failing to become the polygon borders. That is, only part of a polyline with the same attributes, feature ID, everything, is being included in the polygon output. Similarly, the Create Polygons tool in the Topology toolbar gave me the old “Failed to Create Polygons” error message. I then resigned myself to splitting the polygons where they failed to split the first time semi-manually by using the Cut Polygons/Trace tool in the Editor toolbar, but got this error message: "Cut Polygons task could not be completed. A polygon cut operation could not classify all parts of the polygon as left or right of the cutting line."

I cannot see any rhyme or reason behind why it would be doing this. Any thoughts?

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A random thought - try to use the Simplify Line tool (resources.arcgis.com/en/help/main/10.1/index.html#//…) first. Reducing the number of vertices and then running the Check Geometry function may yield some results. –  Radar May 15 '13 at 19:16
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