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I have been working with two layers and I am trying to join them and turn them into a raster data. The first layer is a watershed layer which I have assigned each shed a location from the center point (green dot) for intance shed 1,2,3, and so on. The second layer is distance rings which have a certain distance from the center point. I joined them using the Union tool. After, I use the Calculate Field tool to assign probalily to each polygon. For intance if a polygon is located on the first water shed and is on the 1.3 mile distance ring it gets a probabily of 7.042 and so on.

Now what I am having trouble with is working with the Summary statistics tool and the Join tool. By using the summary statistics tool I am trying to find the total area that each colored section has. For instance to find the total area of the yellow polygons or the total area of the orange polygons and so on. I am doing this because I want to be able to divide a single polygon that is located on the same colored section by that colors area. For instance the area of the top left yellow colored polygon by the entire area of the yellow colored section. I figured the summary statistics tool would be able to give me that information.

Then by using the Join Field tool I would like to be able to join that area with the statistcs that I assigned it before with the Calculte Field tool. However I am not sure how to get the two to join.

I have provided two images of my watershed and distance rings united and the modelbuildel model

I would apprishiate any help/suggestions! Thank you for taking the time to help me.

ModelBuilder ModelWatershed and Distance United

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