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If I define a CPLString this way:

CPLString osString;

And I want to check if osString is not empty, what would be the best way?

My bet:

if (osString.c_str() == NULL)

But I find it a little rusty... Is there any other better way?

Many thanks in advance

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gdal CPLString is a convenient class for std::string

class CPL_DLL CPLString : public gdal_std_string

and gdal_std_string is a typedef for std::string or MSVC string class

00213 # define gdal_std_string string
00214 #else
00215 # define gdal_std_string std::string
00216 #endif 

Source:GDAL API docs

so basically CPLString can be checked for emptiness using std::string::empty()

in your case:

osString.empty() returns True if its empty.

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absolutely right. Thanks! – jorgeas80 May 19 '13 at 12:24

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