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I need to create several GIS based application and embed them on a web page for professional development. I need a cost effective solution and don't have big budget. Any help in right direction and to get started is appreciated (case study etc.).

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Use Google Map API with Directions/Transit… and – Mapperz May 16 '13 at 19:44

An answer a bit generic without more details.

An introduction to GTFS to read

You also need to import GTFS in database

For viewing, really depend but if no routing needed, just use you db to make SQL join from tables and export features to geojson (e.g PostGIS) if you need vector.

Consume this GeoJson with Leaflet or OpenLayers

If you need raster, use Geoserver or Mapserver to generate images from GTFS using WMS standard and consume it also from Leaflet or OpenLayers

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