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  • SELECT ST_SRID(geom) AS s FROM zones GROUP BY s;
    returns a single record: 4326

  • SELECT Find_SRID('public', 'zones', 'geom');
    returns 4326

  • SELECT AsText(geom) FROM zones
    returns geometry like:

MULTIPOLYGON(((495468.88595 5464400.7263,495468.89 5464401.38005,...)))

Shouldn't my geometry been standard lat-lngs? Something like:

MULTIPOLYGON(((-122.968967906831 49.31253667013,-122.970356138605 49.3125609975662...)))

I tried executing both of these queries, but neither worked:

SELECT UpdateGeometrySRID('zones','geom',4326);
UPDATE zones SET geom = ST_Transform(geom);

How can I transform the geometry into my desired format?

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You assigned the wrong id on load. Looks like you have a UTM projection.

Now need to transform to right geometry.

UPDATE zones
SET geom = st_transform( st_setsrid( geom, 31997 ), 4326 )
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It was in EPSG:26910. Thanks! – Jordan Arseno May 18 '13 at 2:23

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