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Is there a way to covert a layer to DWG such that only the desired area of the layer is exported out to a DWG? My issue is that the layer (parcels) contains all parcels for an entire county, so it is a huge amount of information to convert to DWG. The conversion seems to just freeze up and will not complete. I actually only need a small area (a few parcels) that I'd like to have in DWG format. Is there a way to clip or outline a specific area for export to DWG?

Thanks very much for any suggestions.


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Use clip analysis with export to CAD (using model builder)… – Mapperz May 18 '13 at 2:45

Yes, select the parcels you want to convert using the selection tool, and then use the Export to CAD tool. It will only create a DWG with those selected features. If you actually have a layer you want to clip against then you can follow Mapperz suggestion.

Right click on the layer in the table of contents...
Export to cad
Or use the toolbox they both honor the selected features.

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Thanks Brad and Mapperz for your assistance. It's nice to know that I can either use clip analysis or actually select features for export to CAD. I really appreciate the help. – Rob S. May 19 '13 at 0:04

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