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How do I Extrude polygon feature class from a TIN surface using ArcScene 10.1?

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  1. Add polygon feature class to ArcSceene
  2. To drap your polygon features on a TIN surface you have to set base heights for polygon feature class: Open Layer Properties of polygon feature class. Go to Base Heights tab. Use Floating on a custom surface option and chose your TIN here.
  3. Extrude you polygons by attribute or by constant value: Open Layer Properties of polygon layer. Go to Extrusion tab.
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From another post (Here)

Interpolate Shape Should do what you are looking for.

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If I have understood the question correctly: Extraction of z-values from a TIN for a feature class is not what the OP wants. He wants to extrude polygons. – Jens Aug 23 '13 at 10:58
Interpolate Shape does extrude the polygons to the TIN. I believe what he wanted was making the shape 3d based off the elevation. (Step 2 of your answer) Your link extrudes to other values not the elevation. Without more details or response from the OP we will never really know what he wanted though. – eseglem Aug 28 '13 at 18:32

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