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I am attempting to geocode a table of addresses for a client. I researched into how to create your own address locator and have two separate reference sources: one that has exact address information for our county and another that has road information.

I have made a locator for addresses using the US Address - Single House style, and one for roads (I experimented with one range/dual ranges style). When I make a composite locator using both of these and add it to ArcMap during geocoding, I am not presented with an "Address" field input. I only have street or intersection, city, state, zip.

What setting exactly will allow me to input the physical house number?

Edit: I should mention that the client data has addresses split into multiple fields such as: House_NO, ST_NAME, CITY.

Should I simply combine the house_no and st_name fields?

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It looks like combining the fields was what I was looking for. I was so set on using separate fields it didn't occur to me to try that.

If anyone isn't super comfortable with the field calculator, I used this to combine the separate fields together: [Street_Num] & " " & [Street_Name]

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It could be more accurate or it could be less accurate because it's based on the USCB TIGER data set, but have you considered using an address validation service to quickly handle the geocoding of your list of addresses? As long as they have an address and a zip code or even an address and a city/state, most address validation services should be able to easily handle that. 100,000 addresses should be done in about 7 minutes.

A quick google search for "address validation" will find a number of them for you.

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Thanks Jeffrey, I will take a look! –  Kyle Shepard May 23 '13 at 18:09

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