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I have created a tool, a button and a dockable window under one project. To open/close the dockable window, button is used. For some specific work, by clicking some specific button from dockable window, I have activated the tool. So, basically the tool is used from the dockable window. So, the tool shouldn't visible to the user in the command window under the category.

I couldn't find any document to hide the tool. Is there any process that can help me to hide the tool?

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Yes, in the Config.esriaddinx just remove the text within the categories tag and re-build your solution:



This should eliminate it from being listed in commands within the Add-Inn category.

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Unfortunately I do not have a 50 reputation yet to comment on posts so I had to post this here.

category="" <-- will place your command or tool under the Misc. category under Customize>Commands.

I do not know how to fully hide a custom tool like you are wanting to do.

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