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I am trying to load data in a combobox from my layer in geoserver. I succeeded to that but I have repeated features, how to restrict the loading so as to not have repeated value on my combobox, here's my combo item:

           xtype: 'combo',
          id: 'indiceCombo',
          fieldLabel: 'Indice',
          name: 'indice__eq',
          store: new GeoExt.data.FeatureStore({
          fields: [
           {name: 'indice', type: 'string'}           
          proxy: new GeoExt.data.ProtocolProxy({
          protocol: new OpenLayers.Protocol.HTTP({
          url: "http://localhost:8080/geoserver/ancfcc/ows?service=WFS&version=1.0.0&request=GetFeature&typeName=ancfcc:titres&maxFeatures=50&outputFormat=json",
            format: new OpenLayers.Format.GeoJSON()
           autoLoad: true
           mode : 'local',
           valueField: 'indice',
           displayField: 'indice',
           emptyText: 'selectionner l indice',
           triggerAction: 'all',
           editable: false

here's a screenshot of what's hapening, i load feature of the attribute "Indice" with OpenLayers.Protocol.HTTP, but in my database i have a lot of records that have the same feature "indice" like '20' (as in the picture) so i want to load all the feature corresponding to my attribute "indice" without repetition.

enter image description here

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Are you able to provide a screenshot of what is happening, or better yet, a link to a live example. I don't quite understand what you mean by Repeated Feature? –  Rob Quincey May 23 '13 at 15:30
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