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I'm an electrical engineering student taking GIS introductory course as an elective.

i have learned the basics of Arcmap 10 like adding data, creating maps, editing shapefiles etc.

Now, i'm required to do a project using arcmap 10.

i decided to do something relating to my field: Finding the best site for a new powerplant in a small town.

i thought i knew how to use arcmap, but ever since i decided on this project, i can't seem to get a thing done.

i've been cracking my brain for the past three days. All i need is for someone to tell me where to begin.

what is the first thing i need to do and what other things do i need to have?

what should my input datasets be and how do i get them?

if i can gather these information, i'm sure i can put together my project in no time.

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The term for what you are doing is a suitable site analysis and here are links to two approaches:

  1. Using vector data
  2. Using raster data (needs Spatial Analyst extension)
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