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I have made a List containing all the original data (.shp files), and I have another List containing the modified data. I basically want to check all the modified file data against the original... So here lies the problem, I next a loop within a loop to check if the original exists within the modified List... and it always seems to find a match? Is my approach right?

This is the sample code I have for PointZ type shapes

 foreach (PointZ origrecord in origPointZList)
            Boolean foundIt = false;

            foreach (PointZ modrecord in origPointZList)
                if ((origrecord.X == modrecord.X)
                    && (origrecord.Y == modrecord.Y)
                    && (origrecord.Z == modrecord.Z)
                    && (origrecord.M == modrecord.M))
                    foundIt = true;

                    foundIt = false;

            if (!foundIt)
                result += "Record not found";
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Both your foreach loops iterate the same list!

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I think I changed it to that for testing... if not... wow, can't believe I wouldn't have noticed that. – Evan Parsons May 24 '13 at 13:44
Actually that was it... I think I need more coffee, thank you! – Evan Parsons May 24 '13 at 13:45

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