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I'm working with jsviewer and JSAPI V:2.8.I try to display a query result in a chart. what I want to do is :first, I want to query on my table and once I got the result liste I have a button that displays the results in a chart.I want to use highcharts librairies. If there is a code sample or any indication that could help me do that , I will be grateful.

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I'm not gonna post the code to you but the way to do it would be to query the arcgis server/or any other mapping server or even a database server and get the request to JSON object, Parse it and use the keys in json to use as the chart data.

Update: get the json from arcgis server, use the json keys such as jsonobj["STATE_NAME"] and use it as data:jsonobj["STATE_NAME"] in your series.

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While you don't need to post complete code, more detailed information would be welcome. – Devdatta Tengshe Dec 3 '13 at 12:39

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