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Sorry for my english, I hope you can understand ;) I'am using geotools 8.4 version. I try to copy all features from SDE Table(TEST.DBO.MM_SOURCE) to another SDE Table(TEST.DBO.MM_TEST). All features are copied correctly, but they are not stored in main table (TEST.DBO.MM_TEST). When I open ArcMap, edit some feature in TEST.DBO.MM_TEST and save, all features are back in main table. Both SDE tables are registered as versioned and moving edits to base. What I must do to store all features in main table?

Here is my java code:

String server = "localhost";
String port = "5151";
String database = "Test";
String user = "sa";
String password = "sa";
String version = "dbo.Default";

connector = new SDEConnector();
connector.setConnectionParameters(server, port, database, user, password, version);

SimpleFeatureStore dataStore =
        (SimpleFeatureStore) connector.getDataStore().getFeatureSource("TEST.DBO.MM_TEST");

SimpleFeatureCollection fc1 = connector.getFeatureCollection("TEST.DBO.MM_SOURCE")
SimpleFeatureCollection fc2 = dataStore.getFeatures();

SimpleFeatureIterator iterator = fc1.features();
while (iterator.hasNext()) {
    SimpleFeature feature =;
    Geometry geometry = (Geometry) feature.getDefaultGeometry();

    SimpleFeatureBuilder builder = new SimpleFeatureBuilder(fc2.getSchema());
    builder.set("Shape", geometry);
    builder.set("P1", feature.getAttribute("P1"));
    builder.set("P2", feature.getAttribute("P2"));
    builder.set("Source_OID", 829023);
    builder.set("Marker", 10);

    SimpleFeature sf = builder.buildFeature(null);
    // SimpleFeature sf = builder.buildFeature(builder.createDefaultFeatureId());

    List<SimpleFeature> list = new ArrayList<SimpleFeature>();

time = System.currentTimeMillis() - time;
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You need to commit the changes to the datastore. You'll need some code like:

 if (featureSource instanceof SimpleFeatureStore) {
        SimpleFeatureStore featureStore = (SimpleFeatureStore) featureSource;

        try {

        } catch (Exception problem) {

        } finally {
        System.exit(0); // success!
    } else {
        System.out.println(typeName + " does not support read/write access");

See this tutorial for more details.

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