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Previously I've asked an question and Micha gave me a helpful advice:How to find the watershed area for each point in the river network using DEM?

After getting the useful DEM file, I began to setup GRASS and use it to solve my problem, I downloaded it from its official site:Index of /grass64/binary/mswindows/native, choosing this one:


to download.

I have downloaded the main program and two datasets, and then launch GRASS after fininshing installation:

enter image description here

I create an new folder and put downloaded datasets in it, in my case,


But as I choose this folder as my GIS data directory, the window soon vanished and nothing came up.

I tried many times but the result was just all the same, so I want to setup GRASS correctly, and then use these two useful modules:

  • r.watershed elev=DEM thresh= drain=flow_dir_grid
  • r.water.outlet drain=flow_dir_grid basin=basin1 easting=X1 northing=Y1

to solve my problem.

How to setup GRASS and could someone provide step by step guidance?Thanks.

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There is ample information provided on the GRASS website to help you get set-up and started. I would recommend that you review the detailed material here as well as the Getting Started Material on the GRASS wiki.

Also, the GRASS Book is an excellent reference.

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And see also here: (or "Help" button in the start menu) – markusN May 28 '13 at 18:48

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