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I'm trying to mosaic the True Marble world imagery 250M geotiffs using though one of them doesn't have RGB bands like the rest and gdal_merge fails (same number of bands is listed as a requirement in it's documentation). This is the error I get:

python.exe : ERROR 5: TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.B4.tif: GDALDataset::GetRasterBand(2) - Illegal band #

This is the tile causing the issue: TrueMarble.250m. 21600x21600.B4

Should I use a different mosaic tool or should I try to coerce the tile into the format gdal_merge requires somehow?

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I ran across this mosaicing the True Marble imagery as well, though I used gdalbuildvrt and then gdal_translate. From memory, the recalcitrant tiffs are stored as a single band with a color table.

Just convert them to 3 band RGB with gdal_translate:

gdal_translate -expand rgb TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.B4.tif TrueMarble.250m.21600x21600.B4.RGB.tif
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That's it! thanks Luke :) I tried just gdal_translate in hopes that might do it but I wasn't aware of the -expand parameter :). btw +1 for use of the word recalcitrant :P – Andy Arismendi May 30 '13 at 5:23

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