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I have a bunch of layers and corresponding SLD's running a WMS service. I was exploring the possibility of shifting to a TileMill's tile based TMS service.

For this, I would like if it were possible to convert the SLD to CartoCSS, and then start the styling from that point on in tilemill.

Is there a SLD to Carto CSS?

P.S. I have seen the question Are there tools to directly import QGIS projects into Tilemill?, but the answeres really do not answer my question.

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Are there any findings from your side on this matter? What did you end up using? – gcarrillo Jun 24 at 17:08
@gcarrillo: We ended up writing the CartoCSS from scratch. It didn't take that long, and our designer was more happy writing the CSS, than he ever was fiddling around with the XML. – Devdatta Tengshe Jun 25 at 4:22

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