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I'm trying to understand the TOS of the Cloudmade's Geocoding API, but it's not very clear.

It says in section 6:

use CloudMade APIs in a manner that exceeds request volumes that are set by CloudMade in its sole discretion and published to CloudMade’s website at

Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere on their website (page on geocoding API).

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Have you tried contacting them? There are email addresses on the website (on the contacts tab). We could guess, but they can tell you for sure. – BradHards Jun 2 '13 at 4:06

Is this what you're looking for?

100,000 free transactions per month then $15 per 100,00 after

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Ha. I about missed as well. It is just print on the front of website, looks more like an ad then fine print.

The first 500,000 tiles is at no charge. Then it is 25 USD for 1 million tiles.

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