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I'm wondering if anyone has knows of links to a website(s) where previous FOSS4G conference presentations are available online. I would like to:

  • watch recorded video presentations,
  • listen to audio recordings, or
  • read through detailed PPT presentations (more than just abstracts)

In particular, I am interested in videos from the FOSS4G-North America 2013 conference, but this would be a good archive of locations to find any past FOSS4G conference presentations.

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Many of the FOSS4G 2013 Nottingham conference full powerpoint presentations are available online on the elogeo archive website:

Videos are also available at these sites:

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I'll start things off... Being a good google-first person, I did find that OpenGeo did record some of their 2013 FOSS4G-NA presentations. They are available on the OpenGeo conference blog, but only a few presentations are availabe.

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I have also recently found there is a FOSS4GNA YouTube channel, however, it looks like the most recent uploads are from the 2012 conference.

There are a also number of slide decks from FOSS4G North America 2013 are available from

I have also been able to find some of the recent presentations by searching for their titles on on and

Esri has also linked to some of their FOSS4G-NA presentations at:

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Videos for foss4G 2014 are being uploaded here:

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