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Approximate Translation of Original Question:

A question of theoretical and practical about the mosaic of satellite images. I have 3 different months of Landsat images, which need to accomplish the end MaxVer classification. At what point should I make the mosaic of 3 scenes? before or after sorting? Follow the steps ...

Acquisition >> Georeferencing >> Atmospheric Correction >> Classification >> Mosaic


Acquisition >> Georeferencing >> Atmospheric Correction >> Mosaic >> Classification

Original Question:

Uma dúvida de ordem teórica e prática a respeito do mosaico de imagens orbitais. Possuo 3 imagens Landsat de meses distintos, a qual necessito realizar ao final uma classificação MaxVer. Em que momento devo realizar o mosaico das 3 cenas? antes ou depois da classificação? Segue as etapas...

Aquisição>>Georeferenciamento>>Correção atmosférica>>Classificação MaxVer>>Mosaico


Aquisição>>Georeferenciamento>>Correção atmosférica>>Mosaico>>Classificação MaxVer

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please ask in English – Brad Nesom Jun 3 '13 at 23:23

There seems to be two camps about this one. Some prefer to mosaic before classification, others prefer to classify the images before mossaicking. Personally, I would classify the images first, then mosaic them.

Have a look at the discussions on this page and you'll find arguments for and against both methods. Generally, they state that you should classify first, then mosaic.

Try both options and see which gives you the best results.

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