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Why, when I issue the function:

fcList = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses(feature_type='point')

does it bring back a list of grid/rasters as well as all my point featureclasses from ArcSDE. All I want is my point featureclasses, this doesn't make any sense! Anyone had this happen to them? Plus it is incredibly slow!

Any help much appreciated :)

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Have you tried "Point" instead of "point". Case often matters. – RyanDalton Jun 4 '13 at 17:29
Yep, tried both, same result. – Vidar Jun 5 '13 at 10:34
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Sorry to reply so late. This is a bug. The workaround below satisfied my needs (10.1). Others (esri link) suggested using a Describe, but I found that too slow and unnecessary.

#Main call:  
for FC in bugListFeatureClasses("filter","feature type","feature dataset"):
    #do something

def bugListFeatureClasses(wildCard, fType, FD): 
    Uses current workspace
    This is required because a 4 YEAR OLD BUG in arcpy still exists.
        arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() returns rasters
        Arc10 + SQL Server = apparently too complicated for Esri (must sign in first)
    badFCList = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses(wildCard,fType,FD)
    rasList = [x.lower() for x in arcpy.ListRasters()]
    goodFCList = []
    for FC in badFCList:
        if FC.lower() not in rasList:

    return goodFCList
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Comments are great. – ianbroad Mar 26 '14 at 19:08

You can emulate the example in the ArcMap Help The code example from there does not have an = sign, just a wildcard and a feature type, as referenced there...

# Set the workspace. List all of the polygon feature classes that 
#   start with 'G'
arcpy.env.workspace = "D:/St_Johns/data.gdb"

fcs = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses("G*", "polygon")
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Doesn't work, tried with just an "*" and "Point", it still brings back all point featureclasses and all grids. – Vidar Jun 4 '13 at 14:49

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