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I have a KML with points representing the flight path of a small plane. Opening the KML, it looks like (up to style related stuff):

<Point id="Point">
    <coordinates>6.5022478,46.4633781,1222.112 </coordinates>

Now, when I try to import it with Openlayers to add it to a map, it works fine; no problems. However, it's also containing a third coordinates, the absolute altitude. The thing is I want to be able to obtain the elevation, to do things that are not directly related to openlayers (like plot elevation versus the distance flown by the plane, etc..)

When I adapt the KML parser Openlayers example to see the feature of the KML after importation, I see that the altitude has been lost in the process.

Is there any possibility to keep the altitude when I import the KML, or do I need to import twice (one for Openlayers, one for the rest)?

When reading the documentation of OpenLayers.Format.KML, I saw that the option extractTracks seems somehow related to altitudes, but when I set it to true, I get undefined geometries.

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