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If I add ControlsMapZoomInTool like this:

AddItem("esriControls.ControlsMapZoomInTool", -1);

To a Basic Context Menu I get the magnifying icon in my context menu right next to the words "Zoom In".

Is there a way to add an icon to a custom Universal BaseCommand in ArcEngine?

ArcEngine 10, C#, VS2010

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I'm not sure if ArcEngine is different from desktop. Just set the icon in the master base class and do not set it on the children classes.

Something like:

public class UniversalCustomCommand:BaseCommand
    public UniversalCustomCommand()
        base.m_bitmap = new Bitmap(GetType(),"path to icon");

public class ConcreteCommandA:UniversalCustomCommand
    public ConcreteCommandA()
        // init other members here
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