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I have the following model in ModelBuilder:


Get Raster Properties looks like this . . . Get Raster Properties I need to find the minimum cell size value to use as output. Any ideas on what tool I should use to replace Cell Statistics? Thanks, Renee

As I said above, the reason I need to get the minimum value of the cell size is because I need to create an empty output raster dataset that has compatible characteristics with the input rasters to be mosaicked together. However, I have another model that could get me around the above situation with having to create an output raster ahead of time. In the following model, I use "Mosaic to New Raster" rather than "Mosaic". This should work out well, but the output comes out crazy looking. Here is the model and the output . . . Mosaic To New Raster Model

Result of Mosaic To New Raster

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The screen shots in the original post got messed up for some reason, but I corrected them. Hope this didn't cause any confusion. – Renee Cammarere Jun 13 '13 at 12:57
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Try this to get minimum cell size for collection of rasters:

  1. Add the Calculate Value tool to your inner model (iterate selected rasters) after Collect Values.

  2. Connect the Collect Values output as a precondition to Calculate Value.

  3. Define a small function within Calculate Value (Code Block) as shown below.

    def minCellSize(rasters):
     rasterList = rasters.split(";")
     return min([arcpy.Describe(r).meanCellHeight for r in rasterList])
  4. Type this in the expression minCellSize("%Rasters%")

  5. Set Double as the data type

  6. Set the output from Calculate Value as a model Parameter (The output from Collect values remains a model parameter)

  7. Connect the Calculate Value output to the cell size variable of the Mosaic To New Raster tool.

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If you don't mind using a bit of arcpy you can implement the Describe function. As you iterate over your rasters simply use:

inRaster = 'C:\...\raster'
describeRaster = arcpy.Describe(inRaster)
cellSize = describeRaster.children[0].meanCellHeight # or .meanCellWidth

Now you can compare your cellSize variable to find the minimum.


You can get the minimum and maximum cell size of rasters in a mosaic dataset by using the Calculate Size Ranges tool.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I'm looking for a geoprocessing tool that could take the collected values and get the minimum value. – Renee Cammarere Jun 11 '13 at 18:33
Is the output of the entire model to be a single value (cell size)? If so, are you tied to using model builder? It seems like a more complex solution than necessary to get the minimum cell size. – Radar Jun 11 '13 at 18:39
I agree with you on that. Actually I'm working on this as a sub-model (one of about 6 or 7) to work with a Main model. I want to create a Main geoprocessing model that does the DTED mosaicking, slope generation and suitability. Then I would need to save it as a geoprocessing package. I'm taking it one step at a time. Thanks. – Renee Cammarere Jun 11 '13 at 22:51
The reason I need to get the minimum value of the cell size is because I need to create an empty output raster dataset that has compatible characteristics with the input rasters to be mosaicked together. This is not the complete sub-model for this. I will also do a "CreateRasterDataset" after obtaining the proper cell size. – Renee Cammarere Jun 11 '13 at 22:57
Thanks for clarifying. I edited my answer to include the Calculate Size Ranges geoprocessing tool. Using this would alter your routine though - you would have to mosaic the rasters and then calculate the cell sizes, which you could then use to resample the final dataset. Perhaps someone else can offer a more suitable solution. – Radar Jun 11 '13 at 23:44

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