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When creating a graph in ArcGIS, is it possible to display a profile graph and a scatter plot on the same graph? I know that Add --> New Series on the Create Graph Wizard is probably the way to do this, but, when I add the profile line to the scatter plot, the line is somehow all crumpled up to one side of the plot instead of having the same extent, as it should. The two series that I have are both derived from essentially the same data (a point feature class and a line feature class created by drawing a line between the points), and the reason I want to overlay the two graphs is that I want to use values from the point feature class's attribute table to label the peaks and valleys on the profile graph. Does anyone have any idea whether it is possible to combine points and profile lines in this way?

Alternatively, is there any way at all of labeling the peaks and valleys of a profile graph with values from the attribute table of another feature class?

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