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I'm using the OpenGeo Suite Client SDK to create a web mapping application. To perform searches I'm currently using the QueryForm plugin. Instead of using the QueryForm I would like to add a search box to "map.tbar" - the results should ideally still be listed in the east panel's FeatureGrid.

The layer being queried is a polygon shape file, containing buildings and real properties. The layer is for querying only, its only fields are FID, shape and ID (adresses and real properties).

What would be the way to do this? I've been looking at the GeocoderComboBox and AutoCompleteComboBox, but I'm not quite sure how to implement them the way I wish to do (still new to programming).

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To complete your question, please indicate what you want to search: Features from layers, street addresses, something else? – ahocevar Jun 18 '13 at 9:06

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