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I'm using Phonegap 2.6 and OpenLayers 2.12 for my mobile application.

Feature: in a panel (jQuery Mobile), I'm clicking in a checkbox and georeferenced images are displayed in the map that is already loaded. These images fits with that we call "blocks" in the map.

With Firefox: usually, I'm working with Firefox at the beggining of developing stage. So the feature is working, the OpenLayers image is well created and displayed on the map. Working with Firefox

With the device: that doesn't work. Instead it draws a polygon around each image. Not working on device

The method that provokes that is addLayers (here is the documentation: ....)

Do you have any idea of what happens? The only difference between the working and not working case, is that with the device my code is encapsulate with phonegap, but I have no clue why that should be a problem.


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Ok...I found the issue

When I test with the simulator, I can see question mark in these polygons.

So it just mean that openlayers can not find the image with the given path :)

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