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I am solving routes for origin-destination pairs (1 start, 1 end) using the tool "Make Route Layer" then adding locations to the Stops sublayer. I establish the identity of each route by a unique ID variable/field for each pair and the field is a Double type. I run the tool "Solve" in the modelbuilder and it runs just fine. The problem for me is that when it outputs the RouteName of the route to the Route sublayer, it changes the field type from Double to Text with a length of 128. This becomes annoying because it seems to take extra time to process this and to write it into the Route sublayer during the "Writing Routes" half of the process (Especially if I solve for more than 1,000 routes at a time).

Is there any way to specify that I want the Name field to be a Double type field instead of a Text type field?

Hopefully, solving this will help make solving 800,000 routes go faster (Since I may be asked to text money as a cost factor in future iterations).

Additional Info: I am using a multimodal network dataset with hierarchy, and elevation fields. The street data comes from ESRI's street data that is pre-formatted to work well with building a network dataset, and the other data is a proposed rail line. I include "Added Cost" values at junctions, and even though it gives me the "Gaps have been detected..." warning, it is still accumulating the cost (Travel time in seconds) at each junction correctly.

I had to create a model in model builder which would do 1,600 iterations of solving a set of 500 routes at a time and then output it into a separate directory so that ArcGIS could handle this process. It was messy, but it worked.

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