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As an organisation we currently use MapInfo desktop GIS (120 users) and PlanWeb intranet GIS (about 1000 users), both products of Pitney Bowes. We have about 15 core desktop GIS users who edit spatial data in our core Oracle 10g database. Our PlanWeb users are generally read-only users but up to 100 may edit data in Oracle via intranet GIS.

We are moving to ESRI ArcGIS Server and Desktop GIS (Advanced Enterprise version) in conjunction with Latitude Geographic's GeoCortex Essentials. Our Oracle 10g will be upgraded to 11g.

If anyone else has been through a similar process or any part of this process I'd be interested in knowing what problems you came across and the way in which you undertook the transition.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

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My close vote was cast on this question because it was too open-ended. A phrasing along the lines of "I am doing this transition and I am concerned about this specific issue that I have identified as a risk ... has it proved to be an issue for others undertaking the same transition?" would to me be OK. Each Question should be about one specific issue. – PolyGeo Jun 17 '13 at 1:38