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I am trying to update my table with the values from a raster stored within the database.

Edit: I've posted the answer bellow:

The query I'm trying to use is Q

update data.points_test_10000 
    set sdi_index = (
                st_value(rast,geom)  from 
                    rasters.sdi_4326 a,    
                    data.points_test_10000 b 
                    a.rast && b.geom
                    ) ;

but I'm getting the error:

more than one row returned by a subquery used as an expression

without the set statments the query works as it should

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Perhaps like this:

UPDATE data.points_test_10000 
    SET sdi_index = (
                st_value(a,b.geom)  from 
                    rasters.sdi_4326 a,    
                    data.points_test_10000 b 
                    (a.rast && b.geom) 
                    AND ( = 
                    ) ;
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no, unfortunately it gives the same error – nickves Jun 16 '13 at 18:15
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Use ST_Intersects to limit per entry

UPDATE data.points_test_10000 p SET sdi_index = 
            rasters.sdi_4326 r 
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