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I work with ArcGis 10.1 and Arcgis Online (or Arcgis Server if needed). I own a polylines map (shp) and a symbology file (lyr) based on three fields (FieldA, FieldB et FieldC). I need to create a feature web service based on this shp with the symbology of the lyr file. I know that ArcGis can only publish symbology based on unique values so I try to find another solution. I create a new field (FieldD) in Pyhton with : "%s, %s, %s" % (!FieldA!, !FieldB!,!FieldC!) then I use the Toolbox : Data Management Tools/Layers and Table Views/Apply Symbology From Layer with the shp in Input Layer and the lyr in Symbology Layer Now I have the correct symbology in unique values but based on FieldA (and not on FieldD) and also the same symbology in "many fields" based on the three fields...If I delete the "many fields", I loose the symbology on the map... Anyone an idea on the correct procedure to apply the sympbology of the lyr to FieldD ? Thanks.

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