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Im new to GIS development and I would like to develop a pilot GIS for wastewater network integrated with a work order management system. Can anybody guide me? and what software do I need with low cost?

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I can imagine a whole book could be written in response to this question which probably places it in the "off topic category" – PolyGeo Jun 24 '13 at 0:34

What you need. Well..

  1. You need to have some kind idea what kind data there is already collected, location , attributes etc.
  2. You should have some kind idea how data is collected and transformed to 1. collected data
  3. Idea what already existing system is missing
  4. Skills to convert measured and existing data to your system and between other systems. ....

And much more. Skills you need: SQL (postgredsql) (you need to have database if you want to share data to several users /internet). Java/C#/PLSQL(T-SQL if you use MS SQL) for server side. C/c++,python if you make QGIS plugin (VB/C#/C++ if you use Microstation, or Autocad), Javascript/HTML5 if you want create web interface.

There are existing web interfaces for geoserver/postgresql , but still need to create working database schema and process. Things you need to consider is that is maintanance done to object or place or both...

Easiest way is build on existing GIS system, only adding web interface for data and add work manager systems there. But beware GIS data usually has errors which seem small but cause huge problems on road

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