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This is a General Question on a possible workflow for Survey Data directly to ArcGIS

In most GIS/Survey workflows there is a field collection team and backoffice GIS team.

When the availability of high-end mapping devices are there, why can we directly edit a Geodatabase in a Survey device or rather create a GIS feature in Survey device itself, eliminating the CAD and GIS feature creation ?

What my Question is , is there any Survey Device ( Totalstation etc) currently supporting data editing in GIS format ? Is there any Survey device capable to support a full fledged Geodatabase ? An answer from the community is really a headstart !

Thanks in Advance

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ArcMobile for Windows will connect to GPS units, including RTK, and edit features. Maybe that is what you are looking for?

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I'm not a surveyor, and have never used the software that I am about to suggest, but I understand that Carlson Software may have some strong offerings in this area so I suggest reviewing their home page, if you have not already.

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