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I developed one tool in arcgis using python code, in the process i used Describe(feature class) function to know the coordinate system of input feature class. I got success while compiling code, But i couldn't get how to set parameters for this function in tool(arcgis 10.0) designing.

I tried parameters as follow

Display  name:input feature class
Data type : coordinate system.
Type   : optional
Direction : input.

My problem is while i'm selecting input feature class, i didn't get coordinate system of that feature class.

Please Suggest..

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Well you could use code validation to populate the parameter with the coordinate system of the feature class, using something like the following:

def updateParameters(self):
    fc =  self.params[0].value #Change 0 to refer to parameter number of feature class
    if fc: #Check if value was specified
        #Change 1 to refer to parameter number of coordinate system
        self.params[1].value = arcpy.Describe(fc)

Or the easiest way would be to just perform all of this in your actual code, and not worry about populating another parameter.

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